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One-Of-A-Kind Dairy Transition Program

Optimal nutrition is critical to determining a dairy cow’s ultimate performance. This is especially true during the transition from dry to the fresh period.

Innovative Liquids has developed a research-based program that utilizes nutritional supplements and services that include monitoring and technical support.

This program creates a more efficient acidification and improves a cow’s dry matter intake around calving time. This, in turn, leads to a higher blood calcium status and more consistent urine pH.

A healthy transition generates a number of benefits for your dairy:

  • Fewer health issues
  • Lower drug use in early lactation
  • Decreased death loss and involuntary sells of fresh cows

These effects translate into better early lactation performance of dairy cows and a successful transition program, which is crucial to the financial success of a dairy in any area of the world.

Monitoring cows with technology
At Innovative Liquids, we go beyond our products to care for your cows. For example, we use technology to monitor your cows even when we’re not physically present. We also utilize troubleshooting techniques such as blood and urine testing to understand physiological changes.
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