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iLiquid Anionic®

A molasses and chloride-based liquid supplement to transition dairy cows.

Recommended Use: 28 to 21 days before parturition

To support the synthesis of colostrum and milk at the onset of lactation, the mammary gland markedly increases its calcium uptake. The demand is so sudden and extensive that the regulatory mechanisms the cow utilizes to maintain normal blood calcium often fail.

It has been repeatedly shown that feeding acidogenic diets (i.e., negative dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD)) increases blood calcium concentrations after calving, reducing the risk of milk fever. But feeding acidogenic diets also leads to reduced prepartum dry matter intake (DMI); a scenario that can hinder cow health and performance after calving. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain a balance between maximizing the benefits of negative DCAD rations on calcium status while minimizing its detrimental consequences on DMI.


Feeding iLiquid Anionic® results in equivalent reductions in urine pH at a higher DCAD level, which lessens constraints placed on prepartum intake. The combination of good acidification and better DMI before calving results in improved calcium status after calving.

Cows fed iLiquid Anionic were acidified better and maintained better calcium status after calving at a similar DCAD level when compared to anionic salts.

Product Features

  • A soluble mineral that allows for better absorption.
  • Acidifies cows better, so less product is needed.
  • Cows can be fed a higher DCAD.
  • Provides superior DMI at similar levels of acidification (urine pH).
  • Cows maintain better blood calcium levels.
  • Liquid instead of a salt. This helps to spread better in all the ingredients in ration.
  • Contains a highly absorbable source of magnesium.
  • Ingredients will not separate or freeze.
Provides superior dry matter intake.

iLiquid Prop-Peak®.

A molasses propionate-based liquid supplement for early lactation cows.

Recommended Use: 0 to 28 days after calving, for improving health and reducing early lactation losses; 28 to 100 days after calving, for milk production and reproductive performance

Glucose requirements are markedly increased at the onset of lactation due to the simultaneous demand by the mammary gland as well as the activated immune system. Prop-Peak®. is a dietary strategy to improve glucose availability and liver health in early lactation.

Nearly all cows encounter immune insults around calving that trigger an inflammatory response and consequently increase the competition for glucose use by the mammary gland. Increasing glucose status in early lactation has the opportunity to support the immune response, allowing for resolution of inflammation and increased glucose availability for the mammary gland.


In two separate studies, cows supplemented with Prop-Peak were shown to have improvements in energetics, inflammation (as shown by an increased metabolic health index), and milk yield in early lactation.

Prop-Peak supplementation tended to increase the MHI with the most pronounced effects observed at 7 DIM. Prop-Peak supplementation reduced cows dead and sold within the first 30 DIM relative to control.

Product Features

  • Increases the cows’ glucose producing capacity without hindering rumen health
  • Increases supply of the essential glucose precursor, propionate, in early lactation
  • Increases glucose availability for the immune system, allowing for resolution of the inflammatory response and thus, reducing competition for glucose use by the mammary gland
Improves glucose availability and liver health.
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