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Transition to Success.

The transition from pregnancy to lactation is stressful for the cow and for the dairy. During this period, the cow’s health is at risk and so is the future productivity of the dairy.

No one works harder than our people to ensure the health and productivity of your cows. And our Dairy Transition Program is the best way to get a cow off to a fast start in the fresh period, with less incidence of milk fever and metabolic diseases.

Find out why so many dairy operations entrust Innovative Liquids to care for hundreds of thousands of cows in the U.S. and Europe.

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Cow Udder
Innovative Liquids specializes in caring for cows during the crucial transition to lactation and through the fresh period.

Dairy Transition Program

At Innovative Liquids, we go beyond our products to care for your cows during their transition to lactation. Our Dairy Transition Program is a research-based service provided on-farm by Innovative Liquids representatives.

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Proven Products, Superior Results

A dairy's economic health relies on healthy cows. Products from Innovative Liquids are used within our transition program to ensure maximum productivity from your cows. In this video, three dairy nutritionists talk about their experiences with iLiquid Anionic and Prop-Peak from Innovative Liquids.

It Takes a Team

Our customers tell us that a group of hard working, caring and committed people are critical to healthy, productive cows on the dairy.

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